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Welcome to Business Runes!

business runes coffee_web“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”
― Alvin Toffler (the “world’s most famous futurologist” by Financial Times)

What are Business Runes?

Business Runes are a fun, right-brain friendly way of looking at both the big picture and small details of your business. You can use them as a fun alternative to boring business planning methods, or a creative brainstorming tool.

Business Runes contains a set of 3 six sided dice, called “runes”, with a word on each side. Each word represents one of the 18 elements of business.

Business Runes also includes a set of 18 description cards with information about each of the 18 business elements.

There is also available printable free version of the concept – just print, cut and start thinking about your business!

How Do Business Runes Work?

There are many ways to use Business Runes.

For brainstorming ideas you can throw one or more runes (dice) and then use the resulting business elements to analyze your business and spark creative ideas.

If you need help just pull out the corresponding description card(s) for the rune or runes you threw and read them.

You can also use the description cards instead of the runes if you’d like. Just pull one or more cards and use them to brainstorm ideas just like you would with the runes.

If you want to use Business Runes for business planning, you can go through each business element, one by one, writing or recording your thoughts and ideas for your business for each. Then you can analyze the relationships between the different elements.

Click here for more on how to use Business Runes.

The main function of Business Runes is to awaken your business mind and encourage creative thinking. You can use them in a suggested way or play with them and find your own variations.

What Is Included In The Business Runes Set?

–      3 six-sided dice, called “runes”, with one of the 18 elements of business printed on each side.

–      18 description cards with information about each of the 18 business elements.

–      A small aluminum tin to keep your runes and cards in. Tin measures 3.15 inches long, 2.36 inches wide, and 0.98 of an inch tall. (80mm, 60mm, 25mm) We hope Business Runes will become a companion wherever you go.

Learn More About Business Runes

Click here for more information on how to use Business Runes.

Who Created Business Runes?

Business Runes were created by Agnese Aljēna, a PHD researcher of Business Models in Fine Arts.

Agnese adapted traditional business planning methods into a fun, right brain friendly way of business planning, analysing a business, and brainstorming ideas. Business Runes makes business planning fun for artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other creative thinkers.

Click here to read the story behind the creation of Business Runes.

What Are Runes?

Runes are the letters of the runic alphabet, which was used by many languages before the Latin alphabet. They were originally used in the 1st or 2nd century AD.

Runes represent the basic rules of the universe, society, and psychology, and all together they create a system describing the universal rules for human life.

Business Runes are 18 elements of business which together create a system for planning and analysing a business.

“Like letters forming words, and words forming sentences, the different combinations of Business Runes will help you find unlimited insights into the world of business.” – Agnese Aljēna (creator of Business Runes©)