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This is a Mastermind group of like-minded friends. The concept is as old as the world, but with corporate organisation of society we have forgotten about it. These people support you in business and life. People who understand you and your business and help to move forward.business runes mastermind web

The basic principle is that you have a group of 3 or 5 or 7 (or whatever number) friends with whom you meet on regular basis and talk about your challenges in business and life. You set goals, you follow them, you ask questions, you help to grow and they help you.

This movement is becoming more and more popular around the globe and it solves a problem of being lonely in your business. In corporate environment we have managers, subordinates, partners, coleagues helping to move forward. In private business you don’t have them. And running in the rat race frequently leaves you there. Mastermind group meetings are the ones that help you to step out and see your life and business from a distance.


Your network are people around your business – people you buy from and sell to. They are your suppliers, service providers, your landlord, web designer, hairstylist, your favourite doughnut seller in the mornings, even your gas station is a part of your network.

business runes network

They are people involved in your business processes with or without money. They are your buyers, lovers, friends, admirers, family, sponsors, patrons, grant issuers, tax collector and postman. They know you or you know them. They are your assistants, co-workers and employees. They are people who just know you and spread the word.

There are endless stories about cleaning ladies being a reason for business failure and there are many stories about good “one buyer” who appeared to be an aunt of millionaire, who brought your business to the world. You never know who is who. That’s why life is so interesting and network so important.

You are the most precious resource of your business. Everything starts with you and without you there is no any business. Even if you are just a part of the whole process. Being the owner, freelancer or artist means that you have the specific internal light so necessary for your business. It is like the body and the soul. You can have a fully functioning business – the body, but without you – the soul – it will be just a body.

business runes - you

You have to love what you do, be in harmony with everything. If there is some aspect you feel uncomfortable, you are obliged to change it. Business is a part of your personality not vice versa. You are the master and your business should be inspiring and motivating. Your business should be like a fuel for you. And you are responsible for keeping it that way. There are no external forces that can do it better than you.

You are the inspiration and have to be inspired. If you are no inspired, your business is just a machine, and not personality with a soul and an aura. Yu are the source of all emotions, of untouchable qualities that makes your business to be loved and admired.