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Basics: Wallet opener

This can be a product, a service, a resource you have and payer is ready to pay for it. The world of mass products is based on material goods and services. Times are changing and we face more and more complex solutions of wallet openers.

business runes wallet opener


Now people are paying for being a part of something, for being attached – for example, different communities, like-minded people. People are paying for experiencing and enjoying something special. Here an example can be family pop-up restaurants or special events.

Payer can pay also for resources you have – a customer base, an access to certain knowledge, your skills, information you have, your creativity or a combination of several things. World is becoming more complex and more interesting. Credits for this go to new technologies and information infrastructure.

O – yes, and here we have come so far that some of us are paying for cats lives bought by our own 5-year old kid. It is hard to classify it as a product or a service. So, whatever somebody is ready to pay for – it is wallet opener.


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