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Basics: Admirers

People who love your work, read and listen to you, spread the word. They are your fans and true followers. They speak about you, they are happy to hear from you, and they tell others about you.

business runes admirers

They might not buy from you yet, but they are your advocates and future buyers.

Admirers are the ones keeping up the dream of you and your work. They rise the value and bring you to the “wanted” status. This in turn rises your price. Literally and indirectly. Your brand value increases and from average brand you move towards luxury status.

Since admirers and fans are so important, the business owner, freelancer or artist should pay special attention to them. To ensure, their dreams are kept in good condition, and there is enough stimulus for them to continue to dream and spread the word.

Creative entrepreneurs and artists are the source of inspiration for their admirers. This boosts overall creativity and has impact on innovations. By caring about their admirers, artists and creatives serve the whole society as well.

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