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This is a Mastermind group of like-minded friends. The concept is as old as the world, but with corporate organisation of society we have forgotten about it. These¬†people support you in business and life. People who understand you and your business and help to move forward. The basic principle is that you have a group […] Read More

Your network are people around your business - people you buy from and sell to. They are your suppliers, service providers, your landlord, web designer, hairstylist, your favourite doughnut seller in the mornings, even your gas station is a part of your network. They are people involved in your business processes with or without money. […] Read More

You are the most precious resource of your business. Everything starts with you and without you there is no any business. Even if you are just a part of the whole process. Being the owner, freelancer or artist means that you have the specific internal light so necessary for your business. It is like the […] Read More