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Business Runes can be used as a fun alternative to boring business planning methods, or as a creative brainstorming tool to analyze your business and help spark ideas. They are a fun, right-brain friendly way of looking at both the big picture and small details of your business, and were created especially for artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other creative thinkers.

Business Runes includes a set of 3 six sided dice, called “runes”, with an element of business written on each side, and 18 corresponding description cards containing information about each of the 18 business elements.

Each rune is a different category of business elements. The categories are:

Human – containing 6 business elements representing you, your customers, and the people who are or could become aware of and connected to your business.

Earth – containing 6 business elements representing the material aspects of your business such as your products and services, the value you provide, your website, your social media presence, and other interaction points where people meet or interact with your business.

Air – containing 6 business elements representing the non-material aspects of your business such as the feelings and moods you create with your visual, written, and audio and/or video content and communication and all the other things that create a pleasant experience for people who discover your business.

You can work with one business element at a time, or use Business Runes to find different combinations of elements.

Using Business Runes For Brainstorming Ideas

To use Business Runes for brainstorming ideas you can throw one or more runes (dice) and then use the resulting business elements to analyze your business.

For example, if you got Network, you might think about how you can connect more with the people who are directly and indirectly involved in your business, or come up with ideas on how to grow your network.

If you get Network + Local + Value you might ask yourself “What value do I/my business provide to my local network?” or “What values are important to my local network?”.

If you need help just pull out the corresponding description card(s) for the rune or runes you threw and read them.

You can also use the description cards instead of the runes if you’d like. Just pull one or more cards and use them to brainstorm ideas just like you would with the runes.

Using Business Runes For Business Planning

To use Business Runes for business planning, pick one of the runes (dice), and go through all six of the business elements on it, one by one, writing or recording your thoughts and ideas for your business for each element.

Then pick another rune and write/record your thoughts for each of those six business elements until you have done this for all of the 18 business elements.

Then analyse the relationship among all the business elements.

For example, the Human die consists of different groups of people. What are the relationships between and among them? Can you reach one group through the other? How do the material (Earth) and non-material (Air) elements of your business relate to each of the different groups of people?

How Using Business Runes Is Like Painting

Just like a painter uses a standard set of colors and mixes them to create different combinations, all 18 business elements in Business Runes can be combined with each other to form thousands of different combinations.

Just like a painter must focus on the details (colors, brush strokes, canvas material) for a while, then step back to see the whole picture, Business Runes gives you a fun way to look at the different details of your business, and see how they connect to form the big picture of your business as a whole.

Just like there are many different styles of painting, there are many ways to use Business Runes. You can use them like impressionist painting – a few simple strokes here and there that give you a rough idea of the subject (throwing a few runes to get a combination of a few business elements) – or you can use them more like Monet, creating a painting out of thousands of tiny different colored dots (going through one business element at a time and then analyzing how all the different elements relate to each other).

You can also use them in any way in between. There is no wrong way to use Business Runes.

More Ways To Use Business Runes©

Another way you can use Business Runes is to throw one or more runes to pick a task to work on or an area of your business to focus on for the next hour, day, week – whatever time interval you want.

If you feel that the element combination you get using 3 runes is too broad, you can brainstorm specific “tasks” for that combination by pulling one or more cards and using those elements in addition to the ones on the runes.

There are many ways to use Business Runes. You can use them in the ways suggested here or play with them and find your own variations.

The primary function of Business Runes is to give you a fun way to look at your business from different angles, and encourage creative thinking. The more you think, the more value you will get from the process.

Playing Business Runes in a group

Business Runes can be used also in a group. You can think about common project or every participant can work on his own business. If group has many projects, it is advisable to give a short introduction of each business and participant before “the game” or “the session” starts. Then, each participant throws dices and for some pre-agreed time all participants brainstorm about the topic. Be brave, think outside the box and possibilities. Advisable time is 5-7 minutes per each turn. Please keep a stopwatch or sand-watch for timing. Then, next participant takes his/her turn by throwing dices. The suggested group size is 4-5 people and for the group not knowing the Business Runes, a moderator knowing the concept is suggested. You are kindly welcome to contact the author for more details about playing in the groups.

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