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Rune of the day: You Today Locally

Business Runes: you local today web

Today we will think about ourselves – how we feel today and in a local context. What are the things I can take from today and from our local environment? What can I give back? What are local values of today I can use and build into my business?

Do I enjoy today and being where I am? What are the best things about it, and what would I like to change? What are my options and choices for tomorrow and going beyond local? Do I want to and how would I like to move?

Do I feel like true local inhabitant? Or am I more like a world person? Do I live in today or just in the future (or in the past)?

What can I do to take and give more to the local community today? What people around would like to get from me? What would I get from giving?

Do I use my local resources available today? How can I grow my business locally? What is the best I can take from today for my future?