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Story behind

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The idea for Business Runes© began in the mind of Agnese Aljēna several years before they were actually created.

The Beginning

After more than 10 years in the banking industry (in the field of product development), Agnese left the banking industry to open her studio for children’s photography.

When she did, she found that the guidelines that worked in mass product industries don’t work so well in personal businesses and creative industries like fine arts. No viable information could be found, and after a few years, Agnese decided to research the theme herself.

She started on her way from MBA to a PHD in Management with “Business Models in Fine Arts” as the theme of her thesis. You can read Agnese’s findings as she makes her way toward an official PHD on her business blog for artists.

While researching different business models and theories, Agnese realised that significant elements for sustainable art businesses were missing.

She also noticed that looking at a complex system of business in just two dimensions seemed too simplified and flat.

An idea began to form in her mind.

Business Runes© is Born

The prototype for Agnese’s idea was made using children’s blocks. But the owners of the blocks were eager to get them back, so ordinary dice were chosen as a quick alternative.

Unlike the children’s blocks, the dice could be carried along in a pocket or bag. This functionality seemed appropriate for the concept, so the dice kept their form.

After a while Agnese decided that some sort of users manual containing short descriptions of each element was necessary to make Business Runes easier to use. Agnese wanted to keep the descriptions small format friendly, and the sight of some mini business cards one day sparked the idea of putting a description of each element on a card.

Adding the description cards allowed you to go beyond 3 business elements at a time and form endless combinations of business elements to think about.

How Business Runes Got Their Name

Business Runes got their name during a workshop on creative earning where Agnese was doing a pilot test of her idea using the dice and cards with the participants in the training. When they returned from lunch one day, one of the participants (a lovely woman named Agrita) said that she had used a less systematic way* of using the 3 dice – just throwing them like runes!

*See Using Business Runes For Business planning on the How To Use Business Runes page.

Agnese hopes that Business Runes will help you with everything from big picture business planning, to analysing the small details of your business and brainstorming ideas.

Business Runes are based on traditional business models and theories, but they’re designed to be easy to work with, and way more fun than traditional business planning, for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative thinkers.