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Basics: Emotions

Emotions are feelings and mood state arising from and because of other elements. We can look at the emotions from your perspective and from other people point of view. It is important to understand your feelings towards certain business element. For example, if you don’t like internet, then most probably trying to reach others just via online channels is not very good idea. Then you can think about either hiring somebody who loves online world or try to find a solution for offline channels.

From the other people perspective we should remember that there are many factors around affecting the emotions of people and you can never be sure at what mood people will meet your business. The goal is to look at emotions caused by all business elements and to find a way to manage them to some extent.

business runes emotions

Recognising emotions can give us a powerful tool for designing overall experience of the business. Those – emotions and experience – are elements that make your business stand out from the crowd. This is your true value and competitive differentiator.

People choose by emotions and justify their choice by logic. Smart businesses give them both.