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runes meanings

Value is a benefit, economic gain, relationship between benefit and cost of something. Value is the logic people use to explain their decisions. It is the rationale that supports emotions and expected experience. There should be some benefit for people to see why they need something and there is always some cost associated for it. It can […] Read More

Experience is a sum of all emotions, memories arising from relationship or action. Experience is what people call adventure, happening, event, something special they remember for longer time. Emotions are single moments, they are short-living and fast fading. Experience is something we remember for longer time and share with our friends and family. Experience is the […] Read More

Emotions are feelings and mood state arising from and because of other elements. We can look at the emotions from your perspective and from other people point of view. It is important to understand your feelings towards certain business element. For example, if you don't like internet, then most probably trying to reach others just […] Read More

This is a time dimension of your business. Today is a result of past actions. Today is necessary for understanding and evaluating current status and what are the obvious and hidden reasons for it. Today helps to develop strategies for immediate use. It helps to define steps you have to do right now to reach […] Read More

These are the geogaphical dimensions of the business. Local is everything in neighbourhood - your city and region. This is a place you know the best - people, habits, history, local stories, beliefs, values, myths. You know where to go and to whom ask what. You know the opinion leaders and who is the authority. […] Read More

Interface is how your business looks like to other people. Interface is a sum of all interaction points where people meet you and your business - online, offline, phone, media, advocates, word of mouth, resellers, packaging and many other tiny details that form overall image of the business.   Classics of interface is the appearance […] Read More

Different sales and information channels through which you are reaching your payers, admirers, network and society.   Traditionally those are shop, resellers shop, online shop where the goods are sold or service provided. For information traditional channels are e-mail, TV, press, web-page. Some businesses use agents, door-to-door marketing, sales pyramids, distributors, tele and internet marketing. […] Read More

This can be a product, a service, a resource you have and payer is ready to pay for it. The world of mass products is based on material goods and services. Times are changing and we face more and more complex solutions of wallet openers.   Now people are paying for being a part of […] Read More

Society are people around you - everyone involved and not involved in your business. People who know and don't know you and your work. Society include also your buyers, payers, network, mastermind group, admirers, friends and family. Every business interacts with society. The creative businesses has wide impact as they serve as a source of […] Read More

People who love your work, read and listen to you, spread the word. They are your fans and true followers. They speak about you, they are happy to hear from you, and they tell others about you. They might not buy from you yet, but they are your advocates and future buyers. Admirers are the […] Read More

People who are paying your bills and salary. They can be your buyers, customers, clients, students, grant givers, sponsors, patrons. We are used to direct buyer-user-payer understanding. With changing social and business environment and new types of businesses and earning possibilities, it might become a norm to separate these notions. One of examples is blogging. People […] Read More

This is a Mastermind group of like-minded friends. The concept is as old as the world, but with corporate organisation of society we have forgotten about it. These people support you in business and life. People who understand you and your business and help to move forward. The basic principle is that you have a group […] Read More

Your network are people around your business - people you buy from and sell to. They are your suppliers, service providers, your landlord, web designer, hairstylist, your favourite doughnut seller in the mornings, even your gas station is a part of your network. They are people involved in your business processes with or without money. […] Read More

You are the most precious resource of your business. Everything starts with you and without you there is no any business. Even if you are just a part of the whole process. Being the owner, freelancer or artist means that you have the specific internal light so necessary for your business. It is like the […] Read More