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Rune of the day: Emotions of Local Admirers

emotions admirers local


Today’s Rune is Emotions + Local + Admirers.

So – how can we make our local admirers feel happy? It can be a small treat or surprise. It can be today or maybe we can plan some regular tiny joy. Rock and pop groups pay a lot of attention to their fans. They have the privilege to be the first who hear the new just released song or they are the first one who can buy tickets to tour. They have a special area in concerts, and they can win a dinner with the band.

Admirers love you and today we have think hove to help them to love us. Give something they can enjoy and forward to their friends. It can be a quote of the day connected with you and your business. Publish some tasty piece of information.

Local ones are close to you. So you can think about some offline event. Perhaps you have a shop with large windows? Give some joy there. Or play singing birds on the street (if it is legal).

The treat shouldn’t be expensive, and it should not be designed to attract or sell. Just to make somebody feel good for a moment.