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Rune of the day: Global Payer Today

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Today’s rune is global payer today. (In apples)

Do I have global payer today? Do I need him or her?

Who are global payers? How to reach them? Where can I meet them? What are they reading, listening to or watching?

Who are their friends? How do they spend their time? What else are they using or buying? Maybe we can co-operate?

How to turn potential buyers into real payers? What is missing for this final step?

Do I speak global language? Will people around the globe understand my message?

Why do they need me or my service, product or whatever people are buying from me? What is the key element that makes me unique?

Do global payers know that I exist? How to send the message to them? How to tell the story? Which channels would I use?

What is the story for global payers today? Is it the same as for the locals? Where is the difference?

Do I need help to reach global payers? Who could help me? How to reach the help?